Queen Bee cage

The cage is constructed on base of experiences and propositions by expert bee-keepers, which breed queen-bees. The cage is airy and is convenient for long travel. Rifts are not too wide, so the queen-bee and her bee maters does not come in direct contact with bees in beehive where the queen-bee is inserted, especially when inserted in bee colony from different species. The cage is formated in a way, which the union between queen-bee and bees is very efficient. The cage has two rooms and each has its own function. The longer room serves for inserting queen-bee in bee colony. The shortroom is sort of a queen-bee net when inserting queen-bee to bee. This way, only bees can go inside or outside the cage. Both rooms can be opened separately. The cage can be tied up for treveling. The cage cover is formed in a way that inserting queen-bee and bees in cage is easier. When inserting queen-bee to bee colony you can hang up the cage, so that it swings in a new family. The cage fits to all types of beehive (LR, AŽ, ...)
The cage is constructed from harmless material wich is solid and resist to external influence.

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